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Based out of South Chicago, Jason Davis is "without question, the leader of The Robot Army, and I believe him also to be a really talented artist. He raps, he produces, he handles video, the kid is just full of ideas and creativity..." "Jason Davis, the Robot Army collective’s general, helped pave his own lane in the Chicago scene with an “irregular” sound drawing from many influences in Psychedelic Rock, to 90’s grunge, to the Lupe Fiasco's"...


Southside Chi represent-er. I do dope shit and I love what I do. The ROBOT ARMY is about being connected;in sync with the world around you without losing what makes you special and expressing those gifts in a creative way. The ROBOT ARMY loves what they do and we're damn good.




by Jason Michael Davis

Spectrums of the Mind

by Jason Michael Davis

"Released for the love, SPECTRUMS of the MIND tells the story of life through the three eyes of Jason Davis. Produced by B4 Laser$, this lush book of melodious beats and rhymes is sure to be a front to back sonic pleasure to any listener..."



by Jason Michael Davis

A collaboration of young genius between Jason and producer John Thomas ( Just Another Day prod. ) “BETA” is just that, The early signs of what was to come.

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